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Thank you, to our community for the concerned messages, calls and offers of help after our Country Market caught fire. 

Thank you to our friend Mick for spotting the fire and calling it in before more damage was done.

Thank you to our first responders for the quick and steadfast service. Everyone has been amazing.

Please allow us some time to assess and update everyone as we learn more. 2764 Snohomish


Country Market Closure Announcement


Dear Friends,


After much deliberation we have chosen not to open the Country Market at Stocker Farms in Snohomish this summer.  We are focusing our attention on all the activities and events that occur at the Big Red Barn location across Highway 9 and at Mountainview Blueberry Farm.  Summer weddings and events are currently in full swing at the Big Red Barn.  Mountainview Blueberry Farm will open mid-July as Mother Nature decides.  We look forward to hosting and entertaining you and your families with even more exciting activities this fall at the Big Red Barn.  The first sunflower festival last year at the Big Red Barn was such fun that we have planned a bigger and better one for you this fall.  We want to thank you for your patronage, support and friendship at the Country Market for all these years.  We look forward to seeing you this summer at the blueberry farm and this fall at the Big Red Barn!


Closing the Country Market was a hard choice to make as it is the end of a family legacy.  Keith started selling corn from the tailgate of his Grandpa’s pickup truck as a kid at the current Country Market location.  In the early eighties Keith’s parents built a little produce stand on the side of the road to sell their farm fresh produce and pumpkins.  They kept expanding that little produce stand until it became the Country Market.  For the last 22 years we have opened the Country Market with the ripening of local strawberries and closed it each year in November after pumpkin season.  If you are looking to find a replacement source for local berries and produce we suggest visiting the amazing farmer markets that are opening right now for the summer.  Perhaps we will see you as we will be shopping there too.


We are quite sentimental about closing the Country Market as it is where we met you, our friends.  We have watched your families grow up and you have watched our family grow up.  The kindness you have shown us over the years has been appreciated more than you can imagine.  You have brought us home-cooked meals at our busiest times, visited us in the fields to deliver a coke and a smile, you have even helped by driving the tractors. The sharing of treasured recipes, local history, business opportunities and genuine friendship has touched our lives forever.  


We are fortunate to have had many talented employees over these past years.  Many of you became friends as well.  It gives us great pleasure to reflect on all of you.  Many high school students started their first job at the Country Market and returned to work several summers in a row.  We are always delighted when you stop back in to say hello, often with your young families in-tow.  We indeed are grateful for your work ethic, support and friendships.  We could not have operated the Country Market without you.


Over the last 22 years since we came back to the farm, Stocker Farms has diversified several times to keep pace with our growing and ever-changing community.  We enjoy this change and growth and look forward to evolving with and for the community we live in.  We also look forward to spending more time with our families.  We are blessed to still have three aging parents and were recently blessed with our first grandchild.  Of course, we are head over heels in love with the start of the sixth generation for our family on the farm. We are so grateful for our families and cherish them.


We want to thank you for your patronage, support and friendship over all these years.  It is because of you that Stocker Farms has grown and been successful.  It has been our privilege and pleasure to serve you at the Country Market.  We will happily continue to be active in supporting this great community we live in.  We look forward to your continued friendships across the road at the Big Red Barn and at Mountainview Blueberry Farm.  Thank you again!


Very truly,

Keith & Janet Stocker



Events & Weddings at The Big Red Barn

We're currently hosting weddings, corporate parties and events at The Big Red Barn! 
We still have a few open weekends for the summer of 2019!  Contact us to schedule at tour!

Please click here for more information.

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