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  • What age is Stocker Farms suited to and do adults have to pay to come in?
    At Stocker Farms we have created a Family Adventure Farm for your entire family, including babies all the way up to Grandparents. Come enjoy more family time! Your entire family is going to have fun together smiling at each other. Memories to cherish a lifetime. Ages 3 and up pay admission to have a great time. Remember your camera!
  • Do I have to pay an entry fee to pick pumpkins?
    Yes, all customers must pay an admission fee to enter the farm.
  • Can I leave and come back later in the day?
    Yes, you will be given a wristband that lets you come and go as you please for the day. Field trip participants are the exception to this.
  • Do I need to bring a wagon for my pumpkins?
    We supply wagons and wheelbarrows for your pumpkin picking and to haul your prized pumpkins to your vehicle. Don’t forget to stop at the Pumpkin Washing Station to clean up your prized pumpkins before taking them home.
  • How big is the maze?
    The maze is 5 acres. It is divided into two halves which you can adventure through during the daytime. There are miles of trails and two tall bridges to observe from. At night, only the second half is open for travel. Flashlights and or glow sticks are helpful at night.
  • How long does it take to navigate the maze?
    It varies for each group or person. Some people are whizzes at it and others, well, Get Lost! On average people trek through the maze in 45 minutes. Partway through the day maze (phase 1) you get the choice to stop to stop and exit or to continue on through phase 2. Daytime guests enjoy the entire maze and nighttime guests enjoy a portion of it.
  • Will I get lost in the maze?
    Well that is part of the fun and we have designed it to give your family a real adventure. Throughout the maze there are maps to let you know your location. Of course the tall bridges are always a welcome change to get above it all and scope out where you have been and where you are going. “Sometimes getting lost is the best way to find yourself.
  • How scary are the haunted mazes at night?
    The haunts are most definitely intended to be scary. If you get scared then we have done our job. Stalker Farms is most appropriate for ages 12 and older. We let you parents make that decision for your children as you know them better than we do. There are no refunds if you get scared, as that is the point of a haunt. The building crew and the acting staff for Stalker Farms work very hard to create an outstanding haunt experience for you. Please come enjoy the ultimate scare experience at Stalker Farms!
  • Can I eat the corn?
    You will not want to – it is cow feed corn and not very tasty for people.
  • How do you make the maze?
    It is top secret information! Just kidding, really it is quite easy. The corn is planted in a grid pattern and the design is drawn up on grid paper. From the grid paper we transfer the design into the field and cut it in when the corn is still very short.
  • Do you give refunds for rain and muddy conditions?
    No, Pacific Northwest weather is what we all have to deal with. We will let you know when the corn maze becomes super muddy, normally towards the end of October.
  • Do you have a place for parents to change diapers and nurse babies?
    Yes, we have a new room built into the end of one of the new mini-barns. It is located inside the pumpkin park near the windmill.
  • Can I pay with my check, debit, or credit card?"
    We accept credit cards, debit cards, and cash. We do not accept checks.


  • Pets are not allowed, with the exception of legal service animals. We appreciate your cooperation.


  • In the interest of public safety Stocker Farms prohibits the following items. No backpacks, purses or handbags at night. No alcohol, drugs, weapons, or firearms at any time.  No smoking or vaping on premises. Thank you for your cooperation.


  • Again, in the interest of public safety, occasional extreme weather can force us to close at any time. We will always update our website and social media in the event of closure to weather. 


  • NEW for 2023: we have added a real bathroom for our guests!

  • In addition, there are several sani-cans available around the farm for your convenience. There is always an accessible unit near the parking/barn entry. Hand washing stations are also provided.

planning tips



  • We recommend you purchase your tickets online before coming or even while in the parking lot before the admissions area.  You will save money this way!

  • Bring your camera! You will want to catch all of these magical moments with your family.

  • Flashlights and glow sticks are fun at night and helpful in the corn maze.

  • Dress appropriately for the cool and wet weather of October in order to have a great experience on the farm! Mornings are often cool and foggy followed by nicer weather later in the day. We recommend wearing closed-toed shoes on the farm as the pumpkin patch and corn maze are both farm fields with uneven ground. Rubber boots are very helpful when it is raining or recently has been raining, especially in late October! 

  • Credit Cards are preferred, but we do accept cash.


  • All the activities at the Big Red Barn site are on unpaved farm ground, including lawn, farm soil, gravel and wood chips. Wheel chairs and strollers can be brought on site and many are, but the ground can be lumpy and bumpy in some spots.


  • Friday nights and all day Saturday and Sunday: there are several food vendors on site.  Kettle corn, roasted corn, cheeseburgers, various snacks, and a wide variety of coffee drinks await you! Outside food is not permitted.

  • Weekdays: we have a limited selection of hot food available. Drinking water and sodas will be available for purchase.

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