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  • Pets are not allowed, with the exception of legal service animals. We appreciate your cooperation.


  • In the interest of public safety Stocker Farms prohibits the following items. No backpacks, purses or handbags at night. No alcohol, drugs, weapons, or firearms at any time.  No smoking or vaping on premises. Thank you for your cooperation.


  • Again, in the interest of public safety, occasional extreme weather can force us to close at any time. We will always update our website and social media in the event of closure to weather. 


  • There are several sani-cans near the barn entry and a couple inside Pumpkin Park. There is always an accessible unit near the parking/barn entry. Hand washing stations are also provided.

planning tips



  • We recommend you purchase your tickets online before coming or even while in the parking lot before the admissions area.  You will save money this way!

  • Bring your camera! You will want to catch all of these magical moments with your family.

  • Flashlights and glow sticks are fun at night and helpful in the corn maze.

  • Dress appropriately for the cool and wet weather of October in order to have a great experience on the farm! Mornings are often cool and foggy followed by nicer weather later in the day. We recommend wearing closed-toed shoes on the farm as the pumpkin patch and corn maze are both farm fields with uneven ground. Rubber boots are very helpful when it is raining or recently has been raining, especially in late October! 

  • Credit Cards are preferred, but we do accept cash.


  • All the activities at the Big Red Barn site are on unpaved farm ground, including lawn, farm soil, gravel and wood chips. Wheel chairs and strollers can be brought on site and many are, but the ground can be lumpy and bumpy in some spots.


  • Friday nights and all day Saturday and Sunday: there are several food vendors on site.  Kettle corn, roasted corn, cheeseburgers, various snacks, and a wide variety of coffee drinks await you! Outside food is not permitted.

  • Weekdays: food is not served on the farm, so please bring a sack lunch or snacks to enjoy while having fun on the farm. Drinking water and sodas will be available for purchase.

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